Patients See Their General Doctor rather than their Dentist

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The British Journal of General Practice (BJGP) published a study (October 2018) warning that General Doctors appointments for dental problems are "often not an effective and efficient use of resources causing piling pressure on overstretched doctors who are simply unequipped to help.

The Study - 'Patients' reason for consulting a general doctor when experiencing a dental problem: a qualitative study' - concluded ' Accessible public-facing information on where to seek care for dental problems is required, and general practice teams should be able to signpost patients who present with dental problems, if appropriate.

The study surveyed 39 patients and claims that patients avoided visiting dental practices because of the comparative ease of navigating medical and dental care systems. But also due to previous experiences of dental care including anxiety and dissatisfaction with prior treatment. But also the willingness and ability to pay for dental care