Thursday, 28 July 2011

White Glo Night & Day is a unique oral hygiene system that gives you 24 hour whitening protection

White Glo, Australia's leading whitening toothpaste that has taken the UK by storm, is launching two revolutionary new toothpastes in one pack that will change the way you brush your teeth forever.

White Glo has specifically formulated Night & Day to address the distinctly different oral care needs during the day and night to provide 24 hour protection.

The new generation Night Gel with Green Tea super antioxidants will freshen and revitalise the mouth and has been designed to help to reduce morning breath as well as protect the teeth from plaque attack during the night.

The revolutionary new Day Toothpaste calls on all of the White Glo expertise to whiten,shine and polish the teeth ready for the day ahead.
The Micro-Wax Protective Shield contained in Day will help repel stains from forming on tooth enamel from food and drink.
The teeth are left appearing shinier and glossier.

The unique White Glo Night & Day is 2 products in one for 24 hour dental health protection.

Night & Day Toothpaste pack also includes a special Flosser Toothbrush.
White Glo pride themselves on their brush technology and include their stain lifter brush in every pack of White Glo.
The Flosser has been designed to work with Night & Day and comes as part of the Night & Day Toothpaste pack.

As well as removing any debris and distributing the Night Gel evenly across the teeth, the fine bristles will gently lift any coating the tongue may have picked up during the day which if not removed will directly contribute to halitosis.

Night & Day Whitening Toothpaste Pack RRP: £4.60
100g (65ml) Day Toothpaste and 85g (65ml) Night Gel

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