76 Year Old Woman Pulls Out Own Teeth

By: Jacob Krikor  |  News
Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Daily Mail reports how a 76 year old women took matters into her own hands and pulled out her loose front teeth.

Mrs Elizabeth Green had been suffering from loose front teeth for a while and as they became more painful she tried to see a dentist for treatment. She contacted a dental surgery that she had visited in the past but unfortunately the dentist was not was not taking on any new patients. She then took to the yellow pages and called 12 dentists with no one willing to treat her on the NHS. She even phoned the dental helpline but even they could not offer her a solution.

Mrs Green explained how she decided to do something about it one evening when her teeth were getting more painful. She started to move the loose teeth back and forth and twisted them till they eventually came out.

This story adds to series of cases where patients have had to do DIY dentistry to solve their own dental problems. Access to NHS dental services has proven very difficult after the recent changes in the NHS dental contract between the Primary Care Trusts and dentists.

Source: Daily Mail, Author Olinka Koster, Date: 4 April 2008

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